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BREAST Program

What is MetroHealth's BREAST Program?

Breast cancer is the most common tumor seen at MetroHealth. Our patients are frequently uninsured or underinsured, are often minorities, and are more likely to arrive at MetroHealth with advanced disease rates higher than state averages.

MetroHealth-based Dr. Jean Stevenson discovered that barriers to care reached far beyond lack of insurance — they include language, culture, transportation, fear, mistrust, and religious beliefs. That’s why she developed the BRinging Education, Advocacy, and Support Together (BREAST) program. The program provides free, culturally sensitive and comprehensive breast care services administered by bilingual medical professionals. Services include education, clinical breast exams, and mammograms for rarely or never-seen underinsured and uninsured women in their own neighborhoods.

The program holds the following distinctions:

  • Unique Hispanic educational outreach program, called Amigas Unidas, where volunteers utilize peer-to-peer teaching to educate non-medical Latinas about breast health.
  • Since the program’s inception in 2005, 2,500 women have been screened and more than 13,000 educated. These screenings have identified nearly 300 abnormal results and confirmed 15 malignancies.
  • Nationally recognized with a Komen Community Service Award for outstanding efforts in raising awareness of breast cancer issues and the importance of early detection, as well as for innovative outreach initiatives, particularly with underserved women.
  • Consistently receives funding from Susan G. Komen for the Cure Northeast Ohio Affiliate.

Mammograms and Diagnostic Services (Make a Donation)
Mammography is the gold standard in breast cancer detection. Monetary donations will provide life-saving mammograms and follow-up diagnostic services for women who do not have insurance or do not qualify for federal screening assistance.

Screening Events (Make a Donation)
Since the program’s inception, 2,500 women have participated and received comprehensive services at our community-based health events. These fairs are critical in educating the community and identifying women who need further evaluation – women who, because of language and cultural barriers, would otherwise have not sought care at a hospital.

 Breast Prostheses (Make a Donation)
A mastectomy can be emotionally and physically debilitating for a woman.  A well-fitting breast prosthesis restores self-confidence, self-image and physical balance.  Philanthropy supports this integral part of the recovery process for women who could not otherwise afford it.

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